Proposal: Replacement double garage
Size GIA: 35sqm
Budget: £25,000

Demolish of an existing single garage and the erection of a detached double garage and the widening of the access driveway. The garage was built in 1958 is now too narrow (2.3m externally) to fit an average sized modern car and as a consequence is left unused.

The proposal would be single storey with a ridge height that is 970mm lower and an eave height that is 225mm lower than the existing bungalow. The garage would not pose any detrimental impact to the character of the property or the street scene. The proposed garage does not project forward further than the front building line of the dwellinghouse. There are similar schemes approved in the surrounding area for detached garages. The garage would be relatively modest in scale and from, which would have a design considered in keeping with the character and appearance of the original dwellinghouse and streetscene.